Lubrication Solutions

Amtecol provides 20 years of expertise, additives and base oils from leading suppliers, technical lab and QC, storage and terminal services, international distribution to certain fast-growing emerging markets, flexibility to speed your product to market—and efficient production to keep your prices competitive.

We work with you to be sure we satisfy your expectations in every market area. For example, one of our customers required finishing five 40-foot containers in two weeks after placing the order—which would take a month in a standard production schedule. To satisfy their urgent need, we spent extra time and effort to make it happen. We helped our customer earn the trust of his own customer for his quality of service.

Lubricant Research & Development

We invest more than 10% of revenues in research, design, development and testing. Our full technical lab and Quality Control assure that our products meet API, ACEA, JASO, and most OEM requirements.

Lubricant Technical Support

Amtecol’s in-house mechanical engineers and chemical engineers, plus PhDs from leading additive suppliers, are always available to work with you to meet your requirements on time.

Automotive Service Solutions

We serve more than 4,500 retail automotive body shops and oil change services throughout California with our Super Life® motor oils and Duralife® products for automotive, motorcycles and scooters, and marine applications. They are available to customers in certain fast-growing emerging markets through our distribution network.

Industrial Lubricants Solutions

Amtecol’s Duralife® industrial oils, grease, viscosity modifiers, and technical service are supplied by our distribution network to customers in certain fast-growing emerging markets.