About Us

This Is Our Story

American Hitech Petroleum & Chemicals, Inc., a California Corporation dba Amtecol, is a manufacturer of automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, marine lubricants, greases, and viscosity index improvers. Our 20 years of expertise, staff engineers and Total Quality Management (TQM) facility produce lubricants that meet the most demanding performance requirements of today’s engine manufacturers as well as international environmental protection regulations.

Products and Markets

We sell our Super Life® motor oils and Duralife® products for automotive, motorcycles and scooters, and marine applications directly to more than 4,500 retail automotive body shops and oil change services throughout California. Amtecol’s automotive products, our Duralife industrial lubricants, and technical service are supplied by our distribution network to customers in fast-growing emerging markets including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Latin America . We offer this international distribution plus a complete range of services to our contract blending and packaging and private label manufacturing customers.

Product and Service Excellence

Amtecol was founded with a philosophy to offer products and services of consistently high quality at competitive prices. We use additives and base oils from leading suppliers and have a full technical lab on site, enabling us to produce lubricants that help optimize engine performance and reduce operating costs. Our products meet API, ACEA, JASO, and most OEM requirements. We routinely invest more than 10% of revenues in research, design, development and testing to assure the quality of our products.

Our innovative, efficient process technologies and low margins provide top quality at low prices. We offer quick response and flexibility in service as well as packaging improvement and custom formulation. Our in-house mechanical engineers and chemical engineers, plus PhDs from our additive suppliers—Lubrizol, Oronite, Afton, Infineum, BASF, RheinChemie and others—are always available to work with our global customers to meet their requirements on time.
At Amtecol, we continually look for opportunities to strengthen business relationships with our valued customers.