Lubricant Research & Development


Amtecol invests more than 10% of revenues in research, development and testing. Coupled with our Quality Control, this assures that our products meet API, ACEA, JASO, and most OEM requirements. 

We use base oils and additives from leading suppliers to manufacture synthetic, conventional and blended automotive and industrial lubricants. These include passenger car motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, heavy duty engine oil, marine engine oil, gear oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, turbine oil, metal cutting fluids, industrial gear oil, transformer oil, and other lubricant products.  

Amtecol’s fully equipped technical laboratory allows us to develop and control the quality of our Super Life® and Duralife® products, custom formulations, and contract manufacturing partners’ products. Our close working relationships with our base oil and additive suppliers keep us updated on market trends and provide us with the latest technologies to give our products competitive advantages.

We also utilize our lab facilities to test your used oil to extend engine life, improve vehicle reliability, and optimize oil change intervals.

Laboratory capabilities

API Gravity: ASTM D287 & Specific Gravity: ASTM D1298
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C and KV @ 100°C: ASTM D445
Cold Cranking Simulator: ASTM D 5293
Yield Stress & MRV: ASTM D 4684
Flash Point: ASTM D92
Pour Point: ASTM D97
Foam Test: ASTM D892
Total Base Number (TBN): ASTM D2896
Metals Content Test: ASTM D 5185
Noack Volatility Test: ASTM D 5800
Water Content Test: ASTM D95
PH: ASTM D1287
Freezing Point: ASTM D1177
Brookfield Low-Temperature Viscosity: ASTM D2983
High Temperature/High Shear Test: ASTM D4683
Foam Test: ASTM D892
Color Test: ASTM D1500