Contract Blending / Private Label Solutions

Amtecol’s decades of petroleum industry experience enable us to help you find the right lubrication solution to help your machinery—and business—operate more efficiently. We can recommend the best product for your application, or develop and manufacture a custom formulation tailored to your requirements.

At Amtecol, we’ve organized our business to serve the needs of retail automotive body shops and oil change services, industrial users of lubricants, and contract blending customers or private label manufacturers—with the flexibility to adjust and provide the solution you need, when you need it.

  •  Crucial retail distribution network throughout California – trusted by 4500+ automotive body shops & oil change services.
  •  at strategic location: 810 Wright Ave , Richmond, CA 94804 I (510)235 7979 Fax: (510)232 4846  Email:
  •  Wholesale US-wide and overseas.


A wide – comprehensive range of engine oils, from mono-grade (SAE 30/ 40/ 50/ 70) to multi-grade (SAE 0W20/ 0W30/ 0W40 to SAE 20W50, 25W60); from API SF to API SN, API CD to API CJ-4, that are able to cover most dynam

  •  Gasoline & Light Duty engine oils (PCMO): premium full-synthetic, extreme power synthetic blend, and supreme motor oils;
  •  Heavy Duty Diesel engine oils (HDDEO): premium full-synthetic HDDEO, premium synthetic-blend HDDEO, and premium HDDEO; 
  • Marine oils : Marine Diesel Engine (MDE) Oils, MDE Cylinder Oils, (Zinc Free) Heavy Duty MDE & Power Generation Diesel Engine Oils;
  •  Motorcycle oils :Premium or low smoke 2-stroke & 4-stroke motorcycle oils.
  •  Outboard Motor oils & Snowmobile oils : Premium full-synthetic 2-stroke & 4-stroke oils